January 27, 2015

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3 Quick & Easy Local SEO Tips For Small Businesses

Although I work with some pretty large organisations, I also consult with small businesses. Sometimes I work with smaller businesses on an on-going bases, other times I consult with them periodically and help them follow a plan of action. One of the most common questions I get asked at meetings with businesses targeting a local […]


Social Media Training at RSPB Sandwell Valley

Just a short blog post about a training session I ran recently. The RSPB is the largest wildlife charity in Europe, with over 1 million members. They do important work protecting our wildlife (The RSPB isn’t just about birds!). I was recently booked to provide an afternoon social media training workshop as part of a […]


Why Guest Posting is Still a Valid Digital Marketing Tactic

What Spurred This Post Matt Cutts recently posted what many see as an assault on guest posting (The decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO). Originally the piece was devoid of the words ‘for SEO’ at the end of the title, so it appeared from the original title that Matt was referring to ALL […]


SEO Updates & Lessons from 2013

45J7DVDJN66J Now we’ve all had a chance to settle in to the new year and had a chance to break our new year’s resolutions (or is that just me?!) I thought I’d post a re-cap of what I feel were some of the major SEO events of 2013, and what we can learn from them. […]

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